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Sentimental PIGgy Romance
#261 - [FIC] - Petals - YeWook oneshot 
28th-May-2011 12:12 am
Title: Petals
Author: murderis  
Chapters: oneshot
Pairing: YeWook (Yesung/Ryeowook)
Genre: AU, fail!angst, romance, you name it
Rating: PG
Warnings: nothing really…
Disclaimer: I owned them, I totally did, I bought them on ebay, but SME claimed them back so no, I don’t own them.
Summary: in which YeWook breaks up and get's back together. (once again, A+ for my summary writing skills)
A/N: Inspired by this song. C: Also, my first ever YeWook... idk. :D

It was late April when Jongwoon’s school year ended. The wind was carrying petals and their smell was everywhere in the air. He had asked to meet Ryeowook in their favorite place and he was already late. But it wasn’t his fault for, well, being himself. Besides, he promised himself it wouldn’t take long – he didn’t want to see Ryeowook’s eyes, nor did he want to completely ruin such a beautiful day (even though it was going to be ruined anyways). When he reached their promised place, he saw Ryeowook already sitting on top of the hill, picking at grass and flowers. When the younger saw Jongwoon approaching, he smiled, but his smile faded a little seeing as Jongwoon didn’t smile back.

They stayed like that for some time, both keeping the silence. Ryeowook didn’t want to start the conversation and Jongwoon didn’t know how. Ryeowook cautiously reached out his hand to Jongwoon’s, who was standing next to him, but the hand was moved away. Ryeowook sighed.

“I wonder when we changed. I just-“
“I think we’ve been together for too long or something,” Jongwoon said, tilting his head. “It doesn’t work anymore.”
“But why? Remember you said our hands won’t let go and now you won’t even let me hold it.”

There was a stronger waft of wind that sent a bunch of petals flying everywhere, tangling into the boys’ hair, setting on the ground. Ryeowook sighed again.

“We’re in a romance akin to sugar cubes,” Jongwoon reasoned. “Sugar melts, disappears, there’s a sweet taste after it, but that’s all. This is the same. The love, it disappeared. There will be sweet memories for both of us, but that’s all there is to it.”
“Jongwoon, I’m-“ Ryeowook was interrupted again when Jongwoon placed a hand on his head and softly messed his hair.
“Be happy, Wookie,” he said and walked down the hill, to the road, home. Ryeowook was left sitting there, tears falling from his eyes.
“Goodbye,” he sobbed into the wind. He didn’t even get a chance to tell Jongwoon that he’s leaving.

Jongwoon never saw Ryeowook again.


It was late April and Jongwoon just graduated from his university. He was an adult now, and he changed a lot over the years. There was just one thing he never stopped – it’s going to his and Ryeowook’s favorite place. He didn’t know why, but when they broke up 6 years ago he thought he’ll be alright, but he never saw Ryeowook again and he just couldn’t let go. He visited the hill every day, hoping to see the boy again, but it never happened.

Until today.

Jongwoon was going down the narrow road leading to the hill and the wind was carrying petals all around and the smell was everywhere. Jongwoon looked up, his eyes following a single petal flying to his left and he saw a figure sitting on top of the hill, picking at grass and flowers.

Jongwoon blinked a few times. It was Ryeowook. It had to be Ryeowook. He started running, and soon he was in front of the younger man. Jongwoon saw him looking at him weirdly while he was trying to catch his breath.

“Ryeowook,” he said the name silently, but the latter heard it. His eyes widened a little, he looked away and coughed.
“Um. Who are you?” he said, not looking at Jongwoon. He tried hard to control his face and voice, it was pretty evident.
“You were never good at lying, Wookie,” Jongwoon said and stood next to him. Ryeowook buried his face in his hands.
“Don’t call me that. Please, don’t call me that,” he whispered. “I thought I could forget, I thought I actually forgot that day and your retreating back and everything, but here you are again. I thought it was over 6 years ago, why did you come here, why did you find me?”
“I…” Jongwoon didn’t know what exactly to say. He must have hurt Ryeowook that much. “I’m sorry.”
“I’m leaving,” Ryeowook suddenly stood up and ran down, not giving Jongwoon any opportunity to say anything. Jongwoon watched him running down the hill and turning left, he probably lived in the same place as he did 6 years ago. Jongwoon wondered if Ryeowook felt the same that day 6 years ago when he calmly went home without letting him say anything.

Jongwoon woke up surprisingly early the next day and left right after breakfast. He went back and waited. Ryeowook was back, after 6 years of absence he was back and Jongwoon was determined to do anything it takes to get him back and never let go again.

It was afternoon and Jongwoon was just lying on his back, observing the clouds when he heard the silent rustling of grass. He lifted himself up on his elbows and saw Ryeowook coming. The younger didn’t notice him yet.

“Ryeowook!” Jongwoon called, to get his attention. The said man lifted up his head, his eyes widened again, then he glared at Jongwoon and turned around. He took a few steps forward when he heard Jongwoon speak again. “You know I thought it could be okay. We could break up and see other people and since we’d see each other around I thought it might be okay. But you disappeared and it wasn’t okay. I waited for you every day.”
“Well now that we met aren’t you satisfied? Go back to living your life and let me try to forget you again,” Ryeowook muttered, his back still facing the older.
“See, you can’t forget me either. I’m sorry Ryeowook. I miss you,” Jongwoon whispered the last part, but loud enough for Ryeowook to hear.
“You didn’t even let me explain or tell you that I’m leaving. I never wanted to let go, but I had to. I even wanted to stay here when my dad was promoted, only for you. But you didn’t want that to happen, did you,” the petite man said. His hands were in his pockets, shoulders slumped a little. He wanted to go home, but he was ready to talk to Jongwoon and see what happens.
“I was just a stupid high school kid, Wookie; I didn’t know what was right at that time. I didn’t want to hurt you, that’s why I said everything so quickly and went away. But I hurt you anyways, and I am sorry,” Jongwoon stated and fell silent. He was waiting for Ryeowook’s answer, but it never came. “The wind smells just like on that day, can’t we make this day better?”
“I need to think about it,” Ryeowook said and started walking back. He thought he heard Jongwoon say ‘I love you’ so he fastened his steps and was gone from the older’s sight soon.

Jongwoon wanted to buy flowers, but he didn’t know what Ryeowook liked, or if he liked them at all. Roses would be too cliché, he thought. Everything else didn’t catch his eye. He wanted to buy a stuffed toy, but there was nothing cute enough. In the end he bought chocolate – still cliché, but works most of the time. When he reached their place he saw Ryeowook already sitting there, talking to someone on the phone. He watched the younger as he climbed up, admiring his smile and silent laugh that left his lips. At last Ryeowook noticed him and said goodbye to whomever he was talking to. Jongwoon sat next to him.

“Your smile is back,” he said, smiling himself. “You changed quite a lot over the years.”
“You changed too. But not really,” Ryeowook smirked at him. Jongwoon laughed.
“Well, did you think about everything?”
“Yeah. But the thing is I will be leaving soon again. I still have a university to finish, unlike you. I will go back to Seoul. Are you going to leave me then again?” Ryeowook asked, his voice full of seriousness.
“I would follow you to the end of the earth if you ask me to,” Jongwoon said and mentally facepalmed himself for being so cheesy. Ryeowook sat there, his smile gone from his face again, thinking about something. He was overlooking the neighborhood beneath them. Nothing has changed, he noted, all the houses were still there. He then turned to Jongwoon and smiled again.
“Congratulate yourself for getting me back, Jongwoon,” he said and pecked his cheek. Jongwoon shoved the chocolate into Ryeowook’s hands, jumped up and ran down the hill screaming. “Weird as ever,” Ryeowook laughed. Jongwoon was quickly back again, he plopped next to Ryeowook, hugged him tightly and sighed in content.
“I will never let you go again, okay? Never never,” he said and Ryeowook laughed next to his ear. “I love you.”
“Me too, Jongwoon, me too.”

A/N2: my endings always seem so rushed and weird, idek |D I shall dedicate this fic to eiarim unnie, because she gave me that Hyukkie pic and got my lazy ass to work. :D Idk if I should leave a spot though. ANYWAYS. Hope you like this! ^^ <3
Ryeowook ◊ Sorry Sorry
27th-May-2011 09:13 pm (UTC) - If you don't mind sharing
I shall leave a spot for both ime_ime_ime and eiarim here. :3
29th-May-2011 03:52 pm (UTC) - Re: If you don't mind sharing
Sorry bb it's late...Aww yesung didn't get the chance to hear out what Ryeowook gonna said.But the thought of him still missing the younger had really prooven that he loves him deeply.The end was a bit cheesy but it's good:D
12th-Jun-2011 03:56 pm (UTC) - Re: If you don't mind sharing
Well I'm replying even later... :D My endings are always cheesy. =.= But if it's good it's okay :D Thanks for reading! <3
11th-Jun-2011 11:34 pm (UTC) - Re: If you don't mind sharing
idek what was yesung thinking that he decided to broke wook up (and in that freaking way)
but i think he should try harder than that to win wook's heart back!

good thing they together again anyway XD

lovely story, bb~
thanks so much!
12th-Jun-2011 03:58 pm (UTC) - Re: If you don't mind sharing
Idk too! But you know, it's Yesung, he's weird... :D
Thanks bb~ *hugs back* Thanks for reading! <33
28th-May-2011 12:20 pm (UTC)
No no this fic wasnt a fail angst :3 I liked it. Good job~
12th-Jun-2011 03:58 pm (UTC)
Late reply is late but... Thanks for reading! <3 ^^
13th-Aug-2011 11:34 am (UTC)
can i translate this fic into Vietnamse ?!
i will cre full and send you the link when i fin ^^~
13th-Aug-2011 07:47 pm (UTC)
Of course, as long as you credit me and everything you can do that ^^
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