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Sentimental PIGgy Romance
#259 - [FIC] - You got the wrong number - ChulHyuk oneshot 
19th-May-2011 08:46 pm
Title: You got the wrong number
Author: murderis 
Chapters: oneshot
Pairing: ChulHyuk (Heechul/Eunhyuk)
Genre: romance maybe, fluff, AU
Rating: PG
Warnings: nothing really…
Disclaimer: I owned them, I totally did, I bought them on ebay, but SME claimed them back so no, I don’t own them.
Summary: Heechul gets the wrong number unintentionally. (A+ for my summary writing skills!)
A/N: okay this is I don’t know what. :D it just came to my head one day when I was passing by my friend’s house and it was raining and all. Idk, I just wrote it. :DD

From: Chullie hyung
omg i don’t even know anymore… should i write a speech for tomorrow or maybe i should sing him a song or should i just tell him anything that comes to mind? i never thought it could be so difficult =_=” oh speaking of the devil, he’s near my apartment now. he doesn’t have an umbrella, what if he catches a cold? my plan will backfire omg~ i wonder where he’s coming from

Hyukjae looked at the message he just got. He read it twice and checked the sender again. Well yeah, he stood in the middle of Heechul’s yard and he didn’t have an umbrella, but was Heechul talking about him? What was this message about? Seriously, his hyung was so weird, now because of the confusion he caused Hyukjae will get even more drenched than he already is while trying to figure what was this all about. He quickly typed a ‘what are you talking about?’ and got a furious answer in less than a minute.

From: Chullie hyung
WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. Lee Donghae we’ve been talking about Hyukkie for the past hour maybe and you dare to ask me what i’m talking about? yah, i’m gonna kill you D: why is he standing there outside… he’ll catch a cold seriously

Hyukjae read the message he got. Heechul has been talking about him with Donghae? He smiled, that’s sweet. Well maybe, depends on what they were talking about. He lifted his head up and saw Heechul sitting on the windowsill in his room, up on the fifth floor.

Heechul tensed. Even though he was up on fifth floor and Hyukjae was down there and the window was blurred by the rain drops, he could see that Hyukjae was smiling, and he was smiling at him. He knew he was smiling at him, despite the window being blurred and a hood and hair covering his eyes. His phone vibrated and he looked down at it.

From: Hyukkie *u*
hyung i think you got the wrong number :3

There was a brief moment when a million thoughts flooded Heechul’s head, thinking about Hyukjae and what was he thinking now after he failed so much. But that moment passed quickly and he looked down at Hyukjae again, he was still standing in the same spot, looking at him. He hit his palms on his window and pointed a finger up, indicating that he will be down in a moment so Hyuk, don’t leave. He jumped off the windowsill and grabbed the very first sweater he found on the bed – now he didn’t care what he looked like, and ran out of his apartment.

Hyukjae stepped on the sidewalk to wait for Heechul. The latter probably ran down in the speed of light since he was out in a few seconds. He saw Hyukjae waiting for him and ran to his side. There was an awkward moment of silence before Hyukjae’s face lit up with his gummy smile.

“So you’ve been talking about me with Donghae? What was that about?” he asked with some mischievousness in his voice. Heechul fidgeted on his spot.
“I was planning to say it tomorrow, but since it turned out like this…” there was that silence again and Heechul was going through options in his mind. He chose the third one – do anything that comes to his mind, so he just yanked Hyukjae’s hand a little and crashed their lips together. He felt Hyukjae smile into the kiss, he took it as a positive sign but he didn’t have the confidence to continue the kiss so they broke apart. Heechul looked away a little and Hyukjae hit his arm playfully.
“Hyung is shy~” he teased. Heechul hit him back.
“Don’t tease me. Even though I am the great Kim Heechul I may be shy sometimes too, okay?” he smiled. “At least around you.”
“Actually,” Hyukjae tugged at Heechul’s sweater. “I’ve been kind of waiting for this.”
“What? You mean… you knew? Since when?” Heechul asked him, surprised.
“Since when we started hanging out more? I guess,” he laughed. “I was actually planning to make a move first since it took you so long. But it’s cool now.”
“Hey, wanna come over? We will catch a cold if we stay in this rain any longer,” Hyukjae nodded and in no time they were up in Heechul’s empty apartment.

“Mom’s not home,” he explained and proceeded to his room. He found sweatpants, socks, t-shirt, sweater and a towel, and threw them at Hyukjae, who went to the bathroom to change.

He came out after a few minutes, Heechul’s clothes hanging loosely on his skinny form. He was about to ask Heechul where to put the towel when he saw him under blankets in his bed, on the phone with (most probably) Donghae. His mischievous grin was back as he threw the towel on a nearby chair, got under blankets next to Heechul and snatched the phone from his hands.

“Details tomorrow, Hae,” he giggled. He still heard Donghae shouting something like ‘ew you guys are already at it’ before hanging up.
“Why did you do that? Now he’ll think we’re weird,” Heechul said as he watched Hyukjae put his phone on the bedside table.
“It’s Donghae, he’d think we’re weird anyways,” Hyukjae said and caught Heechul’s lips. They went on until there was no more air left.
“Maybe he’s right,” Heechul whispered after breaking apart. Hyukjae smiled his gummy smile again.
“I don’t know. Can I stay here?” he asked, snuggling into Heechul.

Hyukjae just quickly fell asleep in Heechul’s warm embrace. Heechul grabbed his phone.

From: Heechul hyung
don’t even think about saying something like ‘well thank me for this awesome plan’ because i didn’t get the wrong number on purpose! no i’m not making up excuses shut up hae

A/N2: lalalala this is something really weird :D the last fic before exams... and then, I can't really promise, but then I might flood you with fics, because I have a few almost written and I have a bunch of ideas and I might try new pairings and so on. 8D ok ok ok what am I talking about. :D I hope you like this and peace out 8D <3333
(Deleted comment)
23rd-May-2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
I will try. This pairing is nice to write, though I always get their personalities different. :D Thank you for reading! <3
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